Our Vision

A church made alive.

A city made new.

A people made whole.

At St. Paul’s Bloor Street, we envision:
A church made alive by the power of the Holy Spirit
A city made new by the gospel of Jesus Christ, and
A people made whole by the grace of God.
Because we are made for more.



I just have to give a small praise to St. Paul’s Bloor Street. Thank you for giving my family a comfortable church to call home. In lieu of this global pandemic with all the challenges we are still covered in faith and support. All the videos made, videos shared, activities shared, led to a beautiful moment – my son asking me to read his present from church, his Bible! You all at St. Paul’s Bloor Street, big and small, have made a difference in many lives. So thank you for giving us the resources to continue our journey in faith including the wee ones. Glory to God in the highest!



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Phone Number

St. Paul's Bloor Street
227 Bloor Street East
Toronto, ON M4W 1C8

Office Hours

Office Closed

Weekday Online Connections

Mon-Thurs at 12 noon: Bible Study
Wed at 7 pm - Compline
Wed at 7 pm - Youth Group

Sunday Worship

9:30 am - Children's Ministry

10:30 am - Online Worship

11:10 am - Getting Traction

11:30 am - Youth Ministry

Update on reopening