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"God has given each of you a gift from his great variety of spiritual gifts. Use them well to serve one another"- 1 Peter 4:10

St. Paul's is made up of incredible people who donate their time and talents to serve our church and community, helping us fulfill God's vision. Each and every serving opportunity is not only integral to the life of our church, but also to Jesus' call to love others.
You can reflect Jesus’ love and experience joy, growth, and community through meaningful service. At St. Paul's, there are opportunities for everyone to get involved, bless others, be blessed and be a part of something bigger. We are so excited to help you find your fit.
How will you share your gifts to serve others?
Guest Services & Hospitality - I'm interested in helping people enjoy a warm and welcoming experience at St. Paul's or in a small group setting.  View a list of Guest Services & Hospitality opportunities.
Worship & Arts - I'm interested in using artistic and technical skills to lead others into a place of worship, show God's love and communicate beauty in creative ways. View a list of Worship & Arts opportunities.
Discipleship & Formation - I'm interested in helping to encourage people and families in their faith walk and supporting them in building community. View a list of Discipleship & Formation opportunities.
Community Engagement - I'm interested in helping people locally, both practically and spiritually. View a list of Community Engagement opportunities.
Next Gen -  I'm interested in helping the next generation - children and youth - to build relationships, learn about Christ and address age-appropriate issues.  View a list of Next Gen opportunities.
Pastoral Support -  I’m interested in helping people who are isolated or experiencing difficult challenges in their lives. View a list of Pastoral Support opportunities.