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In the midst of the social distancing we are currently experiencing, St. Paul’s continues to move forward in planning for the future. We believe this moment will only add to the resilience of this church – God’s church – and the ministry that has taken place here for the past 178 years. We must plan for the future. Barry Parker, in his Vestry (AGM) Reports for the past few years has identified the need for renovations in the main church. Three areas of concern in the sanctuary are:

• The electrical system is almost 110 years old and needs to be upgraded to meet current building codes and energy efficiency. (See picture on right of the current wiring)
• The current lighting is insufficient, outdated, inefficient and needs to be improved for better visibility.
• Enhanced sound projection is a key element to improving the effectiveness of our gathered worship.

This project, which we are calling “Sight and Sound,” has been in the planning stages for the past 18 months. The Sight and Sound Project covers:

• Complete electrical rewiring of the narthex (hallway by front doors), nave, and sanctuary of St. Paul’s.
• State of the art new lighting system for the sanctuary which will brighten it in amazing ways. (See picture on left of the current chandelier)
• A completely new audio system which will be adaptable for all the services.
• Infrastructure for future ministry possibilities which includes video capabilities.

Work on the project has begun! St. Paul’s is grateful to Mary Fote, The Rev. Steve Shaw, James Finnerty, and Doug Romanow for their extensive work on the project.

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