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Denomination: Anglican

Weekly Attendance: 700

Location: Toronto, Canada

The Role: The Rector of St. Paul’s Bloor Street (SPBS) will provide pastoral leadership to SPBS members and employees through the oversight and stewardship of resources and ministries.

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Meet St. Paul’s Bloor Street:

St. Paul’s Bloor Street Anglican Church brings a rich history and legacy to their community, which they are committed to stewarding well for years to come as the church continues to grow and thrive. Founded in 1842 by the Reverend Alexander Sanson, the Rector of St. John’s Church York Mills, the first sermon was preached in a 30×40 wooden building to just 100 people. In the mid-1850s, St. Paul’s began to build a reputation for being welcoming and egalitarian, inviting more and more people to its community with inclusiveness and welcoming spirits – a characteristic they have kept and built on since. 1860 marked a new era – St. Paul held its first service in the new building, which would precede their current building constructed in 1913. It’s a stunning historic fixture in their community and a tangible reminder of their history and legacy.

The current building holds much history of past seasons at St. Paul’s – from hospitality for British “war guests” during WWII, to stained glass windows remembering those who gave their lives for Canada during WWI, to famous visitors such as Pope John Paul II. Over 177 years, the church has grown in every way; in number, spiritual maturity, and dedication of service to their community and the world. Today, St. Paul’s welcomes 700 people each week through its doors as the largest Anglican Church in Toronto. Their heart is to be a “diverse, caring, and authentic Christian community, striving to follow Jesus together and meet the needs of an urban city.”

About the Rector:

The Rector will provide pastoral leadership to SPBS members and employees.

They will provide servant leadership overseeing the stewardship of all the entrusted SPBS resources as a central focus. This includes the management and administration of SPBS, ensuring that God’s blessings of human and material resources are organized and directed toward the achievement of the SPBS Mission and Vision and the current Ministry Priorities established by the Rector, Directors, and Board of Trustees.

The Rector is canonically an Office Holder of the Diocese of Toronto and serves as the sole Clergy member of the Parish Corporation, in collaboration with the Wardens. The Rector provides oversight and leadership to the entire employee team and volunteer complement of SPBS. They will seek an open, transparent and collaborative relationship with both the Diocesan Bishop and the Area Bishop. This is a high-risk position with respect to Screening in Faith for the Diocese of Toronto.

The Rector will develop and maintain healthy relationships with affiliated church, parachurch, educational, and charitable organizations as well as a variety of other stakeholders.

As the leader of SPBS, the Rector is responsible for serving as Chair of the Board of Trustees, and leading and providing a moderate evangelical perspective, community development and growth perspectives in the Directors’ Leadership team, and participating in Diocesan and/or other committees. As well, the Rector plays an active role in local, national and global ministry initiatives as may arise.

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The Rector Will:

  • Serve as an Office Holder of the Anglican Diocese of Toronto, collaborating with the Corporation of SPBS and provides overall leadership to the entire employee team and volunteer complement of SPBS.
  • Oversee annual budget
  • Implement and lead the Ministry Priorities 1) Engagement: Worship and Evangelism 2) Witness: Missional Outreach 3) Formation: Discipleship and 4) Pastoral Care 5) Operations: Resource Stewardship
  • Establish goal setting and performance reviews for each of the Directors.
  • Develop, implement, and maintain the Ministry Apprenticeship Program (MAP).
  • Implement and maintain a succession plan for key leadership positions.
  • Lead, coach, support, and develop the senior team members in the leadership, management, and shepherding of a large, complex, and demanding parish.
  • Support the Board of Trustees in its governance responsibilities.
  • Role-model faithful stewardship of all God’s resources, including the accomplishment of the annual budget.
  • Facilitate and model constructive and effective relationships amongst all members and staff of the SPBS community.
  • Serve as the spokesperson for SPBS.

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What you Bring: 

Personal Characteristics

  • Humility.
  • Leads with integrity through engendering trust and developing relationships.
  • Demonstrates emotional intelligence, that is, the capacity to empathize, communicate effectively with compassion and clarity, discern others’ emotional dispositions and defuse conflict situations; listens well; asks insightful questions; facilitates dialogue across diverse points of view to reach constructive outcomes.
  • Embodies the SPBS Vision by being a visionary leader who can personalize the SPBS Mission, enabling and inspiring others to see how they connect to it.
  • Effective communicator, both verbal and written, with proven ability to reduce ambiguity.
  • Leadership that balances leading the parish with growing the parish.
  • Defines and drives a culture of spiritual growth by holding all in the community accountable to the Leadership Covenant, empowering others to undertake effective ministry, and communicating clear goals and expectations.
  • Works strategically by considering multiple factors and options in decision-making.
  • Develops his/her own gifts and skills and puts a priority on developing others.
  • Strong work ethic and high energy; working to achieve Ministry Priorities.
  • Proven ability to lead change by engaging the passion within any of our leadership teams and communicating a consistent, clear and focused Vision and Mission.

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Education & Experience:

  • Be an ordained Anglican Priest, eligible for appointment in the Diocese of Toronto of the Anglican Church of Canada.
  • Have 10 or more years of experience in ministry leadership.
  • Live a well developed spiritual life, including a vibrant prayer life and the study of Scripture.
  • Possess an innate willingness and intentionality to live with the both/and of life and ministry (versus an exclusionary either/or) without compromising Gospel integrity.
  • Have proven effective outcomes in ministry.
  • Have proven effectiveness as a preacher and teacher.
  • Have proven leadership ability.
  • Be a keen learner, gathering diverse resources that will enhance the effectiveness of ministry at SPBS.
  • Have the ability to translate the Gospel to the culture and contextualize ministry.
  • Have an ability to listen and hear diverse, seemingly exclusive positions while maintaining unity.
  • Have an ability to identify personal spiritual gifts, natural gifts/talents and inherent personal growth edges of ministry leaders.
  • Commit to the Leadership and Discipleship Covenant of SPBS.

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What it’s Like to Live in Toronto, Canada: 

The community at St. Paul’s Bloor Street Anglican Church (SPBS) is representative of the kind of people who call Toronto home; vibrant, diverse and friendly! SPBS provides extraordinary opportunities for community outreach and also encourages congregants to embrace a spirit of rest, relaxation, and celebration. Toronto is a perfect city for this way of living – the city has so many ways to give your time and investment to others and to the community.

Toronto is home to beautiful parks and green spaces. Known as the City of Trees, it also has a long boardwalk along the waterfront. Residents also enjoy the beaches of Lake Ontario and the beautiful Toronto Island community.

On the weekend, enjoy a great meal and dining experience at a celebrity chef-owned restaurant or catch up with friends in one of the city’s many humble and cozy family-run dining options. Spend a Saturday afternoon strolling through museums, art galleries, visiting the landmark, CN Tower, or enjoying world-class music and theatre.

Toronto is known for its culturally centered and organized communities across the city where small businesses and restaurants celebrate their cultural heritage. From Greek Town on the Danforth to ChinaTown, Little Italy and Little Portugal, to name only a few, the list is long and vibrant as are the options for alternative spaces. There is a rich tattoo culture here, as well as strong social and political engagement.

World-class sporting events such as catching a game with The Jays, The Raptors, The Argos, The Leafs, The Scotiabank Waterfront, and or cheering on runners at the Toronto marathons are a great way to spend an afternoon for the sports enthusiast. Residents are also only a short drive away from cottage and ski country in beautiful Muskoka Ontario.

Toronto has world-renowned teaching hospitals and provides universal public health care for its citizens – it’s just one of many ways the city exhibits a welcoming and caring posture. There is a strong sense of community in Toronto, often locally rooted around sub-communities in the city – you will likely know and be friends with your neighbors and hospitality and warmness are characteristics of Toronto residents. SPBS says that “despite the fast pace that is characteristic of megacities, there are ample opportunities to stop and celebrate the lives we have given in community.” It’s truly a great place to live or visit.

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