Stones That Sing

A live organ concert featuring an improvised symphony that will reflect
on the tragedy of war and the hope for peace.

About the Concert

When: July 7, 8 pm
Where: St. Paul’s Bloor Street
*suggested donation of $20 at the door

St. Paul’s Bloor Street was filled with monuments in response to the horrible tragedies of war. It now stands as a place to remember loss, provide a sanctuary, and look towards a world of peace.World-renowned organist, Peter Krasinski will perform a four-movement improvised symphony, taking inspiration from the stone, wood, metal and glass of our building. It will focus on the following themes:The World AwaitsThe World at WarThe World RemembersThe World Towards HopeFor this special event, you will experience a live, immersive presentation, including images from the art and architecture of St. Paul’s and dramatic music composed in real time.Join us for this once-in-a-lifetime event!