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Pre-Marriage Course: for couples who are engaged or would like to consider marriage

If you’re engaged or considering marriage, the Pre-Marriage Course will help you build a solid foundation of communication and intimacy for your future relationship. Your marriage does not have to be at St. Paul’s for you to take the course—all are welcome.

The course is free and will run on Wednesday nights from February 9 through March 9. Each of the five online (Zoom) sessions will focus on one topic related to marriage. We will watch a video together, with built-in pauses for private, one-on-one conversation. Couples will not be asked to share with the broader group.

Session 1: CommunicationSession 2: ConflictSession 3: CommitmentSession 4: ConnectionSession 5: Adventure

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Marriage Course: for couples that have been married or cohabiting for two or more years

Marriage is wonderful—and also hard work! We know that nearly two years of pandemic have put strains and stresses on married couples. If you’re looking to strengthen, repair, or rebuild your marriage, The Marriage Course might be for you.

The Marriage Course is free of charge and will run on Wednesday nights from January 26 through March 9, 7:30-9:30pm. Each of the seven online (Zoom) sessions will be centred around watching a video on various topics related to marriage, with built-in pauses for one-on-one conversation. Each couple’s conversation will be completely private, and you will not be asked to share with the group.Session 1: Strengthening ConnectionSession 2: The Art of CommunicationSession 3: Resolving ConflictSession 4: The Power of ForgivenessSession 5: The Impact of FamilySession 6: Good SexSession 7: Love in Action

You do not need to be a Christian or a member of St. Paul’s to take the course. All are welcome—consider inviting some friends!

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Faith at Home: Simple ways to encourage your children to follow Jesus

We know that raising children is hard! Faith at Home is a course offering ideas to help parents raise their children to be followers of Jesus. Join Bishop Jenny Andison and Janet Earle, Children’s Minister, to share the joys and challenges of growing faith in your children. This is a free course offered over Zoom from 8-9 pm on Wednesday evenings starting January 26 through February 16.

Session 1: You Can do This!
Session 2: Immersed in ‘The Story’
Session 3: Communication is Key
Session 4: Serving and the Power of Ritual

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If you have any questions, contact Janet Earle.

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