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Made for Community

You are made to connect. Through the friendships made in Connect Groups, God helps us grow. Once you’ve connected with God through a Sunday morning service, the best way to grow into a deeper in your faith and make a big church feel like home is by joining a Connect Group.

Wherever you are in your faith journey, Connect Groups exist to be a safe place for:

  • Connecting faith in God to everyday life
  • Connecting in authentic relationships
  • Connecting the teachings of the Bible to the heart and mind
  • Connecting with the wider community in service

Connect Groups meet weekly or bi-weekly, and are usually 8-12 people in size. They offer a welcoming, intimate environment in which to learn and apply the good news of Jesus Christ to everyday life. It’s more than just a Bible Study – it’s a group of people with whom you can pray, laugh, worship, serve and explore your faith.

No prior Christian knowledge is required. The only prerequisite? Come as you are with a desire to connect.

Connect groups meet every week in locations all around our city, and with many groups to choose from, there is a group out there that is right for you.

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