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Is there more to life than this?

Everyone has questions. Alpha is a series of interactive sessions where you can explore life and the Christian faith in an open, friendly and non-judgmental environment.

What to expect at Alpha

What happens at Alpha?

At Alpha, you’ll have the opportunity to meet some great people and join in honest conversation around some of life’s biggest questions. Every Alpha session has 3 components: Connect. Video. Discussion.


Connect and get to know each other


Watch an engaging and inspiring 20 minute video


A Conversation in small groups on the topic.

After getting to know each other, you’ll watch an engaging 20-minute video that explores a weekly question. This is followed by a time for open, casual and honest conversation in small groups. This is the most important part of Alpha, when you get to ask questions, hear from others, and share your own perspective.

Who is Alpha for?

Alpha is for anyone who is curious – especially those who want to explore faith for the first time or the first time in a long time!

When you try Alpha, you’ll probably discover there are other people asking the same questions and exploring their faith, just like you. No question is off-limits, and there’s nothing you can’t say (seriously)!

What’s the cost?

There’s NO COST, no pressure to say anything, and we won’t follow up if you decide Alpha is not for you.

When is it?

Invite a friend to try Alpha Online on Wednesday evenings!

Cost: FREE!

Questions? Contact Tyler Wigg-Stevenson.

Not sure if Alpha is for you? Watch the first episode!

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