Who Is This Jesus?

By Barry Parker, Rector
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If you Google “Who is this Jesus?” online, you will find 670,000,000 entries! There is a lot of opinion as to who Jesus really is. It’s time for us to take a few weeks and seek to understand in particular ways the identity of Jesus for us. For the month of October we will look at significant encounters with Jesus that point us to His core distinctiveness.
We will consider Jesus who is sovereign over evil. We live in a world where we often see or experience what we can only call malevolent. How does Jesus engage with evil spirits and their expression? 
As we celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving and give thanks for the bounty of the harvest, we will see how Jesus is sovereign over nature. 
Then we focus on Jesus as the one to forgive, something that all us long for. 
Finally, we will be challenged to see the identity of Jesus immersed in both his humanity and divinity.
This promises to be an exciting study. We won’t be considering hundreds of millions of opinions. Rather, we will dive in together to experience four remarkable perspectives on the identity of Jesus.