We Are Family: The Call for Unity

By Mark Regis, Director of Discipleship
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If you had a last chance to be with the people you care most about, what would you say? If you had one last prayer, what would it be?
One night, many years ago, Jesus Christ prepared his twelve disciples for his sacrificial death and looked deep into the future. He saw a dynamic worldwide movement in his name and empowered by the Holy Spirit, filled with millions of people from every corner of the globe; an incredible array of ethnicities, cultures, languages, and perspectives. And on that night, what would he pray for? Unity. He prayed that the Church would be One Family, unified, just as He and the Father live in perfect unity. 
We now live in a time of increasing diversity, change, and at times… division. In a world of polarities the Call to Unity has never been more relevant. Join us for this five-week series as we explore and live into what unites us as God’s Family and how we can witness to this unity in everyday life.