Would you like to pay tribute to someone?

Posted on September 29, 2019

Flowers in the church are part of the Anglican tradition. It is a way to honour those who we respect or want to remember, and offer our thanks to God. Flowers enhance the experience for all who worship in the church and help us appreciate the beauty God has given us. 
Everyone is invited to join in this opportunity. Floral arrangements are placed at the High Table (the area at the top of the church) and in the Chapels (Chapel of the Good Shepherd and St. George’s Chapel). Flowers for these locations are a minimum of $50 per entry. Specialized arrangements can be done at the Font (the large stone sculpture at the back of the church) for a minimum of $100. 
For more information on how you can help decorate the church, download a Tribute & Memorial Flowers form, and drop it off at the main office. You can pay in-person at the office by cash, credit card, or cheque. You can also pay online by selecting "Memorial Flowers" under Giving Type.
There is alos an opportunity to contribute to the seasonal decorations at Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter.