the story behind The Story

By Sandra Seaborn, Associate Priest
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Have you ever watched a movie and wished you could learn the back-story of the characters? Why is it that people choose to act as they do? How did they get their courage? What made them afraid?  
At Christmas, we remember the incredible story of Jesus Christ’s birth. God moved into the neighbourhood of planet earth, as an infant. Jesus was born in a particular time and place. He was born to a particular extended family. This year for Advent (the preparation time before Christmas), we will be looking at the stories of those behind the main story of Jesus’ birth: his uncle Zechariah, his aunt Elizabeth and his mother Mary. 
Zechariah was a faithful religious leader, but was overwhelmed when God spoke to him in what he expected to be a routine ritual. Elizabeth had been marginalized by her society which considered fertility the sign of God’s blessing. Mary, we meet as a confused teenager whose identity is shaken by angelic visitors.
Following the storytelling of one of Jesus’ disciples, Luke, we will explore how God met and transformed Jesus’ extended family, even before he was born.  We will see how light and hope began to grow, preparing the way for the light of the world himself.