The Stories Our Windows Tell

By Sandra Seaborn, Associate Priest
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Posted on June 25, 2017

Walking into St. Paul’s for the first time visitors look up and voices hush. A sense of awe pauses people as they take in the beauty and spaciousness. The light filters in through stained glass, flickering abstract coloured patterns on the floors. With a closer look, images reveal themselves in those windows. Figures emerge. Perhaps you have been here fifty times, or five hundred times, and seen the stained glass wondering what stories they tell and who the people are. This summer you can find out. From now until Labour Day we will be preaching a sermon series called: “The Stories Our Windows Tell”.

That’s right, sermons will be based on the scriptures portrayed in the stained glass windows. Did you know most of the windows lining the walls of the church are actually in three sections, depicting three different stories? Often the lowest image is of people living out their faith in the world – singing and discussing the councils of the church are two such examples. The middle and largest sections of the windows are usually a Bible story – often of Jesus. This is where we will focus most of our attention. In the top section, the smallest and highest, is often found more heavenly imagery – such as angels or Christ on the throne reigning.

From Jesus in the temple as a child to Jesus ascending – we will consider the Gospel as it is told in scripture, art and colour. When the church was originally built in 1913 the windows were all plain, clear glass. The stained glass was added in gratitude for God’s faithfulness by parishioners. The gift of the windows was intended not only for beauty but also for spiritual formation. It is our hope that this summer’s series will rekindle your devotional experience of the St. Paul’s space as we read the gospel found in our stained glass.

Upcoming Sermons in the Windows Series

June 25: The Thompson Window - Boy Jesus in the Temple

North of the east rose window.





July 2: The Cody Window - The Calling of the Disciples

Upper northeast corner of the Sanctuary.





July 9: The Wismer Window - The Miracle of the Loaves & Fish

East near the north end of the Nave.





July 16: The Armstrong Window - The Parable of the Sower

North of the east rose window.





July 23: The Burnside Window - The Healing of Jairus's Daughter

Above the entrance to the Sanctuary from the Atrium.





July 30: The Dalton Window - Mary and Martha

West near the Chapel doors.





August 6: The Jarvis Window - Lord of the Sabbath

North of the west rose window.





August 13: The Boomer Window - The Transfiguration

North of the east rose window.





August 20: The Lennox/Wilson Window - Jesus Before Pilate

North of the west rose window.





August 27: The Atrium Window - The Ascension

Above the doors on the west side of the Atrium.





September 3: The Jarvis Window - Paul Testifies to King Agrippa

North of the west rose window.