Small Groups

Join a small group

One of the best ways to make a big church feel more like home? Get connected to a small group.
Small groups set aside time from busy schedules to enter into welcoming community, where you learn about faith through engaging the Bible together and praying with one another. It’s a place where you develop real friendships while you grow deeper in relationship with Jesus.
Understanding the Bible is not a prerequisite, and you are welcome no matter where you are on your spiritual journey. You can ask questions, share your thoughts, and serve together.
Joining a small group is simple - connect with us and we'll help you find a group that fits you best. All you have to do is come as you are, ready to join in.
If you have any questions, contact Mark Regis, Director of Discipleship.

Small Group Stories


"Being a member of a small group helps me to live out my faith. It helps me to remember that ours is a faith in a living God who calls his people into community to be a blessing, one to another. In our small group, we come together as a group of disciples seeking to know God through learning from the Bible, through prayer, and through one another. We have grown to know each other as we have grown in our faith in the Lord. We support, encourage and are accountable to one another.” - Sheila Kurian