Reading the Bible: The First 5 Books

October 28 following the 9:30 and 11 a.m. services

What's the deal with all the curses in the Old Testament? THAT God doesn't seem like the all-loving God described in the New Testament!

How could these endless instructions for sacrifices be relevant for me?

Wait! Is there only one God or is there lots of gods?!

What is the point of all these genealogies?

The relevance of the Jewish scriptures (aka, the Old Testament) has been a point of contention ever since the Christian faith began. So if you’re a new Christian encountering the Old Testament for the first time, or you’ve had difficulty understanding its content or relevance, come to our first session of “Reading the Bible: the First 5 Books." We’ll be looking at the first part of scripture ever to be recognized as scripture, it’s key narratives and themes, and the way the first 5 books of the Bible functioned in the life of Jesus and the early Church. Join us on October 28 at either 10:45 a.m. OR 12:30 p.m in Cody Hall.