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Parenting Courses

For more information, please contact Janet Earle.

Parenting Courses

We offer two Alpha parenting courses, one for parents of children and one for parents of teenagers. These courses are for anyone who wants to put some focus on their parenting. The courses encourage you to think through your relationships with your children, and challenge you to build on those relationships and use them as a foundation for good parenting.

Both courses begin with dinner, followed by an instructional video and group discussion.

The Parenting Children Course
The Parenting Children Course is for any parent or care giver of a child up to ten years old. Whether things are going well or you are struggling, this course will help better equip you as a parent. Topics include: building strong foundations, meeting your children’s needs, setting boundaries, teaching healthy relationships, and our long term aim.

The Parenting Teenagers Course
The Parenting Teenagers Course is for any parent or care giver of 11 to 18 year olds. Parenting teens presents some unique challenges. This course offers parents the opportunity to learn and discuss how to meet the needs of their teens. Topics include: keeping the end in mind, meeting their needs, setting boundaries, developing emotional health, and helping them make good choices.