Scripture References

1.  Romans 12:9-18
2.  Luke 10:25-37

Small Group Questions (Download PDF)

Below are a set of questions that can be used for any passage of Scripture used as our preaching passage. Feel free to use them for small group study and prayer as well as your own personal devotions. These questions will give you a good starting point and will help bring the discussion or your thoughts back on track if things meander a bit. Beyond that, they will help you have a deeply meaningful and prayerful conversation with others as you seek to follow Jesus.

1) What? – First impressions. What words or phrases stand out? What is the key image or theme? Can we summarize what has been written? How did the sermon help us understand what this passage is saying?

2) So what? – How does the reading connect with our experience? How does the reading mean to shape us? What is the important word for us in what’s written? How did the sermon help us discern why this passage matters?

3) Now what? - How should we respond to what we’ve heard? Is there a word, phrase or sentence to reflect back to God in prayer? Something to celebrate? To grieve? To ask for? To confess? How did the sermon lead us to respond?