Month of Prayer for 9:30 am Bridge Service

Posted on January 20, 2019

“You must go forward on your knees.” - Hudson Taylor
Years ago, God called St. Paul’s Bloor Street to launch the bridge, an alternative worship service with an emphasis on warm hospitality, contemporary music, and spiritual growth. Over the years the service has grown, evolved and even moved locations. Now we sense God calling the bridge to take the next step in its continued growth. What does that mean? Where is God calling us? What does the future hold? These are exciting questions. As we contemplate the future, let’s commit to a month of prayer: praying for God’s blessing, seeking God’s guidance, and listening for God’s voice. Only then can we faithfully follow God into the future. Please use this prayer journal as a way to guide and record your own daily prayers for
St. Pauls, and specifically for the bridge.
Download the bridge prayer journal.