Living Acts

By Sandra Seaborn, Director of Worship
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The oppression and opposition was fierce.  There were no precedents to follow.  Changing religion was seen by some as treason, by others as cultural betrayal.  The early followers of Jesus figured stuff out as they went along.  They leaned into community, and over time with the power of God evident in their midst, they became an attractive witness to a new way of being, centered on Jesus.  
This fall we will be looking to the early church, as described in Acts, to see how they shaped their collective life.  What actions did they prioritize and why?  How did they gather, grow, give, serve and speak in the name of their Saviour?  What can we learn from our forebearers who faced danger daily - when we live in a time when institutional trust is low and skepticism of organized religion rampant?
Our five-week series brings us back to the basics of “Living Acts” – as we look at how the first Christians lived out their faith together.  Join us on the adventure.