By Sandra Seaborn, Director of Discipleship
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Days are shorter and colder as winter nears.  Combine the dark and cold, with unsettling international and local news and the world begins to feel smaller, even dangerous. Our natural fight, flight and freeze responses kick in --- leading us to resist, run away or avoid the darkness.  Yet, such uncertain times are not new.  Political instability has spanned generations and yearly, our sky follows the same patterns of lengthening nights.  While we know that the warmth of sun will return, living in the moment, light is hard to see.  We need hope.  Hope, which is the confidence in an unseen sure reality.  Where do we turn to find such assurance?   
As Christians, we look for hope in the Bible -- times when light overcame darkness in surprising and unexpected ways.  Advent, the season before Christmas, is our time to prepare for the coming of the divine in human form.  This year, we will follow the storyteller Luke’s description of the unusual happenings that sparked the dawn of hope.  Amid the lines of the well-known story, we will hear again about the hope for redemption, salvation, peace and new life found in a manger.