Esther: God Behind The Scenes

By Robert Hurkmans, Director of Witness
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Summer time is movie time! We all wait in anticipation to see what this year’s Summer blockbuster will be. Crowds stream to the theatres to see all the big stars in these action packed productions. However, as moviegoers we only get to see the finished product, the “final cut.” But often the real work is happening off camera, behind the scenes.
As far as blockbusters go, the book of Esther has it all: romance, suspense, action, and a climactic ending. It is also filled with intriguing actors: Esther, Xerxes, Haman, & Mordecai. But the real action in the book of Esther happens behind the scenes. God gets very little screen time in the book of Esther. There is no mention of God; no mention of prayer; no prophetic visions; not one reference to a miracle of any kind. This has led some to conclude God is absent in the book of Esther. But God is there, not in the limelight but in the director’s chair, working feverishly behind the scenes.
We live in a world where God often appears absent or hidden. The book of Esther causes us to ponder how God is at work, even when he’s not stealing the spotlight. This Summer we will be reading and preaching through the book of Esther - one chapter every week beginning on Sunday, July 7. Invite a friend and join us for this series on Sunday mornings and discover how God is always at work behind the scenes.