A Crucified God

Scripture References

1.  1 Corinthians 2: 1-5
2.  John 18: 33-37

Small Group Questions (Download PDF)

Start by reading the scripture passage(s) the sermon is based on.  You can find the references on the website. Explore questions guide us in a process of discovery, learning what the scripture passage is teaching. Connect questions help us personally apply the scripture for every day life.
What words or phrases catch your attention? What feelings does the reading(s) evoke?
Can you identify a theme to the reading? Try summarizing the passage in 2-3 sentences.
Does this passage raise any questions for you? If so, write them down. Consider what you might do to seek clarification or understanding.
What parts of the scripture did the sermon highlight?
Which insights do you find the most helpful?
What parts of the scripture did the sermon not address? How do these speak to you?  
Did you discover hope or grace? Where and how?
How might this scripture/sermon shape your daily life with God and your neighbours?
What practical action step(s) might you can take this week?  
Closing Prayer: Thank you Jesus, that the words written in the bible can still speak to our hearts, minds and hands today.  Guide us and strengthen us that we have courage to be shaped to your likeness, by the grace of your presence.