Better Together...the first small group

By Mark Regis, Director of Discipleship
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Many of us have been taught to think of Jesus as a bit of a solo act, and this is understandable – the Bible draws our attention to his teaching to crowds, his miracles, and ultimately his sacrificial death and resurrection. These are naturally the highlights of his three-year ministry on earth. However, where he spent most of his time and focus was not in the highlights, but in closer community with a few new friends. These twelve disciples came from very different walks of life, with different attitudes and perspectives, yet Jesus poured himself into their formation as agents of transformation and citizens of God’s gracious reign on earth. 
These disciples didn’t get it all right, but with one exception they had a few things in common: 1) they were committed to Jesus, 2) grew to truly care for one another, and 3) had an openness to be challenged and transformed. 
This first small group followed Jesus everywhere, learning from him through his teachings and the Scriptures, community with one another, prayer, and through service. By the time his three-year ministry had ended, these disciples were not aware how prepared they had become for a new life and a new purpose.
Since then, millions of Christians throughout the world have experienced the life-changing power of joining a small group. In these groups, we do what the first small group did: learning from Jesus by engaging the Bible, forming friendships who pray for one another, and joining in acts of service. The visionary church leader John Wesley once said, “There is no such thing as a solitary Christian.” Simply put, we are Better Together
Over the season of Lent, we will journey alongside Jesus and his first small group, learning more about what shaped this incredible unlikely group of friends into the world-changing force they became. We will see why Small Group Ministry is so important to us at St. Paul’s, and we will be encouraged to be a part of it.