By Barry Parker, Rector

Posted on April 14, 2019

We are inundated with bad news—mass shootings, plane crashes, divisive narratives and fake news stories. This constant barrage can be overwhelming and mind-numbing. Social commentators have coined the term cultural anxiety when we personally feel this bad news.
Yet, despite that, at St. Paul’s we will not be defined by cultural anxiety. Every year we gather to observe the powerful last few days before the death and resurrection of Jesus. Engaging and entering these events personally is the antidote to these anxiety-producing, depression-causing bad news stories we appear to be mired in. 
We have the BEST STORY EVER! On Thursday evening (April 18), we experience Jesus totally re-defining power and leadership with the humility of greatness. On Good Friday, we gather to stand together at the foot of the Cross when Jesus breathes his last—It is Finished! Is this really the end? Then, on Easter Sunday, April 21, we experience the grave blown wide open, death conquered, evil destroyed, hope restored. The is the beginning of new life.
This story is for you. I invite you to join us this Easter season for the BEST STORY EVER! Invite a friend or co-worker. Perhaps for the first time in a very long time, our-counter cultural experience of meaning, purpose and hope will be our entering into the BEST STORY EVER!
-Barry Parker
Senior Minister (Rector)