Behind The Scenes At St. Paul's

By Barry Parker, Rector (Senior Minister)

Posted on October 10, 2012

One of my favourite television shows is “How It’s Made” on the Discovery Channel. The tagline is simply, “Find out how the everyday objects people use become the things they are.” You can learn about the manufacture of items such as bubblegum, guitars, or prosthetic eyes. It is engaging, interesting and you always learn something.

This Sunday, October 14th, we will undertake the St. Paul’s equivalent of “How It’s Made”. Together we will look at what seems to be the ordinary and expected, look behind the scenes and discover how everyday ministry is lived, expressed and built at St. Paul’s. You will learn as well as participate in a remarkable event. This Sunday’s meeting will mark the 170th continuous Annual General (Vestry) Meeting of St. Paul’s Bloor Street since 1842.

First, we will consider all that God has done in our midst this past year. We will see and hear of the tangible work of God’s grace in our midst as the leadership of St. Paul’s reports on the stewardship of all the Church’s resources. This will include our comprehensive finances, membership, space and time use, our staff, and the myriad of gifts exercised at St. Paul’s – both personally and communally.

Second, we will briefly mark this moment in time, the present, by considering our current ministry in the light of our overall stewardship.

Finally, the St. Paul’s that you experience has so much more going on behind the scenes than the past or present. As you heard in a recent sermon – What we believe and know about the future completely determines how we live in the present. Our view of the future ministry of St. Paul’s is what we are praying, envisioning and planning at this moment. Our faith community is not solely about us, individuals entitled to some static existence. Rather, by faith we believe in ‘paying it forward,’ building on the legacy left to us and following Jesus together into a robust future.

This Sunday, you will hear about the three primary ways we are going to grasp our present opportunity and responsibility to build and lean into the future in the confidence of following Jesus. This promises to be an exciting and challenging endeavour, one that we will undertake together.

On Sunday, as we gather for a light lunch after the 11 a.m. service, we will consider the ‘business’ of St. Paul’s, past, present and future. Join us. Participate. Engage. It is amazing what God is up to! Come and see “How It’s Made”!