Answering the Call

By Sandra Seaborn, Director of Worship
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I carry a phone in my pocket, but mostly I use it to check social media, email and text.  It is unusual and surprising when the phone actually rings. When it does ring, if I don’t recognize the number – I don’t answer.  Yet, when I was little, we never knew who was calling the house phone -- but we still answered it.  I was taught phone etiquette at a young age: how to listen, what questions to ask and when to pass along messages.  
Have you ever wondered what God might say if he called you?  What would you say in reply?   
This January, our Sermon Series looks at what God said and how four people answered the call God made to them: Abraham, to believe; Joshua for courage; Jeremiah in speaking and the Disciples in going. Join us on Sunday mornings to find out more, we gather at 8:15, 9:30 and 11: a.m.