The 180 Podcast

If your life were to do a 180° what would happen? Be inspired by stories from members of our community who have experienced transformational life-change.  Welcome to The 180° Podcast!

Episode 01: Dave's Story

In this first episode, meet Dave Addison, Executive Director of Toronto City Mission. He was struggling with alcoholism, his marriage was suffering, and he was conflicted about his career. Until February 1, 2010 when Dave's life irrevocably changed. If you feel like your life is headed down a one-way street, Dave's story will leave you inspired. 

Episode 02: Tina's Story

Despite a childhood ridden with challenges, Tina Murrin became a successful financial officer. You would think she had it all, but she admits she didn't. "I felt like I had all these external material things – wealth, a marriage I thought would last forever – but something was missing. And then, in the same year that my marriage was breaking down, I was diagnosed with a brain tumour." On the second episode of #The180Podcast, you'll hear how Tina's encounter with her own mortality led to an unexpected turning point in her life.

Episode 03: Peggy's Story

"From the time I woke up, to the time I went to bed, all I thought about was when my next dose would be. That terrified me. I couldn't focus on anything else. And I didn't like who I was becoming." What do you do when your life is falling apart? How do you turn your life around when you've hit rock bottom? Listen to Peggy's story of overcoming a broken marriage, homelessness and addiction. You might be surprised to learn what her life is like today.

Episode 04: Eirene's Story

"I had become a human doing, not a human being." Eirene and her husband lived and worked in the fast lane until they felt called to slow down and switch careers. Eirene soon learned that leaving behind her successful career and answering God's call didn't lead to an easier life. Does she have any regrets? Listen to the final episode of The 180 Podcast to hear why climbing the corporate ladder might mean you're missing out on the best life God has in store for you!.